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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 23, 2010 7:00am-8:00am PST

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in the news this saturday morning, contra costa authorities monitor air quality after flames shoot a into the sky from a local refinery. the biggest leak of pentagon documents in history is leaked by wikileaks. it contains 400,000 pages about the war in iraq. i'm teresa garcia. let's begin with the coming weather this weekend is going to be a awareout. >> fairly strong storm is heading our way and here is meteorologist lisa argen to explain. good morning. >> we're in between system, live doppler 7 hd shows activity to the north and west of the barrier and heading out towards
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tracy. first stop, gender and fort ross. this is ahead of the cold front. it's going to push in about three to four hours. dublin and pleasanton, 580 looking at a light shower pushing out towards mantico. most of the activity around the central portion of the state, san joaquin valley throughout the morning hours because we have the next front a couple hours away. it's going to sweep on through the bay area throughout the midday today and much stronger system coming our way late tomorrow morning. details on the wet weather and how much you can expect coming up. and rainy forecast has forced the cancellation of a benefit in oakland. rotary club officials are getting that the beer will not be flowing outside the brewery. if you have tickets to the
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bridge school benefit. they will take place rain or shine. lisa amin gulezian finds a lot of people made plans and now find themselves scrambling for cover. >> we have a party tomorrow. >> he is throwing a party. he didn't expect to work this hard date before his own birthday. >> i have to go to the store to find it. >> it was supposed to be a backyard birthday bash but the furniture and party is inside and under cover. plans have changed dramatically because of the weather. >> i was hoping a nice, warm, you know, winter night. >> so were the brides getting married in livermore. this massive tent went up as soon as the rain came down. >> and you have every bride, everyone that has an outdoor component associated with it scrambling to put up tents and
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canopies. >> but at shoreline, the rain or shine policy is in effect for the bridge school benefit. they say no umbrellas are allowed because of viewer obstruction. if it ranges you should wear a poncho. this season's big storm is bringing business to some contractors. >> we're concerned about the gutters plugging up and getting cleaned out. this lady.... >> and the rain is doing away with procrastination. >> when it starts to rain. >> is when your phone starts ringing? >> yes. now we would like to see and share how the rain affects your weekend. send us your video to ureport powered by youtube.
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you can also e-mail video to ureport at kgo >> they continue to monitor air quality around a refinery in rodeo. huge fireballs were going up in the sky. it triggered a level two health advisory telling people with sensitive respiratory systems to stay indoors. even though it shows no signs of hazardous chemicals and in no shelter in place was ordered. amy hollyfield has more. >> when the giant fireball first appeared in rodeo, residents thought their neighborhood was burning. >> it looks like a giant volcano. you would have sworn the top of the hill was on fire. >> this is burning on purpose. the conoco phillips refinery had to shut down the plant. they are burning gas as a safety
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measure. >> the gas is under pressure in the process unit. it has to have someplace to go. >> there are concerns about what this is doing to air quality. officials from several different agencies are monitoring air samples and have decided to issue a level two warning, advising people with breathing problems to stay inside. >> i'm pregnant so it's not good. >> she is standing outside. she was tired of being cooped up inside. >> it's hot inside. earlier in dated i was in the house. >> kids are playing tonight. one man says if people couldn't see the flames they might not have known about it. the refinery didn't send out any kind of announcement. >> we saw it on tv. that was it. that the refinery was burning and for people to stay inside.
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>> i would like to express my apologies to the community, just the visible flair and causes alarm for that and we're truly sorry. >> we're used to live here. they burn whatever they burn. >> they are monitoring the air and they haven't found any harmful toxins in the air. chief of california's high speed rail project is telling cities along the peninsula to forget about running trains in tunnels to keep noise levels down. some of the rail authorities depicts the high speed trains running below ground level but san mateo county planning reports that leaders from san mateo, burlingame and millbrae were told during a meeting yesterday that long stretch of the track could not be built below ground. the reasons include a lack of ventilation for freight trains
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and the billions of extra dollars it would cost to rebuild the system below ground. >> this morning, 17-year-old is under arrest, facing charges for killing a grocery store owner. earlier this week, they released this surveillance video of the suspect in tuesday's shooting. they say moments after the video was captured the teen left the store and returned with a gun, robbed the store owner and then shot him point blank. police are not releasing the teenage suspect's name. he was arrested last night though. >> the pipeline that exploded in san bruno, a new plan is in the works. the blast killed 8 people and destroyed 37 homes. after two days of meetings, san bruno's mayor says pg&e's
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president promised the pipeline would be relocated. >> he made the commitment to me on behalf of pg&e that he did not want that pipeline reconnected through the glenview neighborhood and they would find another location. >> a spokesman was less definitive saying the company is committed to look at all available options but any plans will require environmental review. >> governor swarzenegger has declared a state of emergency in roseville because of thursday's devastating shopping mall fire. damage is estimated at $6.5 million. mall may not open or reopen until thanksgiving weekend. arson suspect, 23-year-old man has blamed relatives for his decision to set that fire. he says he has been rotating among family members since she told him to move out of the house several months ago. in southern california, a
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santa barbara county beach where a student was killed in a shark attack remains closed this morning. it happened yesterday morning at surf beach on the property of vandenburg air force base. he had been body boarding when he held out for help. his friend was two feet away on a surfboard but the two men were hundred yards from shore. >> they say his buddy go underwater for a period of time. he was able, after the event happened was able to bring his friend back to shore. >> he died on the beach. here a picture of his boogie board. a shark expert believe it was a great white shark. 75% of shark attacks are by great white dz but they are rare. last fatal one was two years ago
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when a great white shark killed a swimmer in san diego county. >> hundreds of thousands of pages of leaked military documents include information on the u.c. berkeley grad taken captive in iran. next what those documents say about the claim. and the record broken by this year's gubernatorial campaign.n. appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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new support this morning for the detained hikers claiming they did not cross the border. wikileaks released an enormous batch of leaked pentagon documents which includes details the day the hikers were taken. heather ishimaru reports. >> reporter: u.c. graduates were
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accused of being spies. shourd was released last month but the other two are still in custody. it seems to authenticate their claims of innocence. a u.s. professor of security policy. >> no, i don't think it will convince them. the international court of justice is going to hold this up for distain but it's not going to happen. >> they released 400,000 pages of documents. army intelligence brad manning is the source, he has been in a detention facility since the first leak three months ago. this batch of classified papers put the iraqi civilian death toll far higher than the u.s. has acknowledged before, more than 100,000, and 15,000 more the u.s. had reported and far
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greater than afghanistan. >> we're talking about five times greater kill rate in iraq comparative blood bath. >> and there is graphic detail about iraqi military torture of detainees. they are worried the leak reveals sensitive secrets but he thinks the damage is political with american voters. >> they are unhappy with the war to begin with. they are unhappy to get accumulative thing about all the things we did wrong. in every war things go wrong and in every war there are people that do the wrong thing. >> news outlets are playing the up the reports. arab is reporting 1285,000 dead and wounded. pentagon is not commenting on the numbers. heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news." >> president obama has completed his busy campaign swing on the west coast. last night he spoke before a big
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crowd in support of harry reid. president also lashed out at republican leaders. >> they are banking on the fact that you might forget who got us in the mess in the first place. let me tell you, las vegas, you have not forgotten, i have not forgotten, we are not going to buy what they are selling. that is the choice we've got in this election. >> earlier yesterday he visited usc where he campaigned for incumbent barbara boxer. jerry brown who is running for governor was also at that rally. >> the republican candidate for governor meg whitman campaigned in silicon valley with michael bloomberg. they visited dazzle in san jose. they say the political leaders need executive experience. >> i think you are the best examples that took a successful
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business career, stepped in public service for the good of the people of new york. >> with less than two weeks to campaign, a new survey finds her trailing brown. whitman's successful business experience is the major reason why the race for governor is the most expensive election rate in state history. >> the two candidates have spent nearly $188 million campaigning, a big portion of that $142 million came from whitman's own money. >> and we are expecting a lot of rain, right, lisa? >> more rain earlier this morning. now, we have a break out there. you are looking live from emeryville camera, you can see the golden gate bridge and most of the rain, well up to the north but it's on the way, i'll tell you about it next. >> also coming up, still celebrating this morning, deep in the heart of texas, rangers
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are going to their first ever world series. highlights coming up in sports. justice
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>> good morning, 8:19.
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live look from the hd cameras on top of our station along the embarcadero. you are seeing the bay bridge and treasure island behind and everything looking a bit moist this morning. more of the rain is expected as we carry through the weekend. so we need to get the details from meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. >> if you haven't had a chance to clean up outside, now is the time. couple hours we should be dry before the first system of the two heads across the north bay at about 11:00 this morning and spreading south. live look, cloud cover, we've got the rain buckets and mount tam tam looking at light rain, mainly up to santa rosa. we do have airport delays of hour and 17 minutes. live 7 hd doppler, on shows the rain up around santa rosa, highway 1, a break across much of the bay area and some rain pulling into tracy. here is what you are looking at,
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highway 1, heading down to bodega bay. 580 a little wet. on and off as you head out the altamont pass. here is a view of what thud morning probably while you were sleeping from 5:00 to 7:00. pretty good wave of light to moderate rain showers pushed through the bay and now we're in between systems, 54 in fremont with 57 in san jose. everybody is going to get wet this weekend but this morning, we'll call for cloudy skies, rain picks up throughout the afternoon hours, heaviest rain comes through midday tomorrow with a stronger system. satellite and radar shows moisture out ahead of system number one that is still off the coast. you saw from radar imagery that it is on the way. so think of the next three to four hours, we'll see the rain developing. ly the be a wet afternoon lasting throughout the late afternoon and early evening hours.
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then we're looking at a bigger system throughout midday tomorrow. this moisture stretches all the way back to china. we are looking at hefty rainfall amounts of two to three inches in the mountains and north bay. inch and a half is more likely to two inches around the north bay, marin county. east bay about a quarter of an inch. south bay, one inch and up to two inches in santa cruz mountains. this vein maker. we aren't looking at any snow. another system to come our way the end of the week and this could be a colder system promising snow perhaps in the sierra, nevada. you say it's too soon, it's on the way and temperatures low to mid-60s with the wet weather from about noon in the north bay spreading across the bay.
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then we'll look at the second system a little earlier tomorrow late morning and this will bring down more moderate to heavy rain and then it's all over by late tomorrow. get a chance to dry out, monday, tuesday and wednesday, leftover shower early monday and that is the next system we'll be focusing on. >> it takes time to clean out gutters. thanks, lisa. >> now to sports, giants will try again this evening to close out the phillies and advance to the world series. jonathan sanchez takes the mound in philadelphia, first pitch is at 4:57 and they will be facing the texas rangers because last night the rangers eliminated the new york yankees. rick kwan has highlights. >> texas rangers are heading to the first ever after beating the
8:24 am
yankees. they took the series 4-2 and with two out in the fifth, vladimer guerrero comes off the base. next batter, nelson cruz breaks it open with a two-run blast. that made it 5-1. cruz had been yesable because of a hamstring injury. kobe was dominating, got jeter in the eighth. he allowed one run and struck out seven. the game ended with one, caught him looking for the final out. 6-1 was the final. texas rangers are headed to their first ever world series. >> i keep saying over, it's not the best team that wins, it's the best team on that date. there were quite a few days that we played better. >> it's never happened here before. to be part of something like
8:25 am
that means the world. >> it will be the giants and rangers in the world series, san francisco can win it at philadelphia this evening, it will be a rematch of game two as sanchez goes against oswalt. he was superb, striking nine over eight innings. he may not be as effective today because he pitched on wednesday and took a loss. sanchez gave up three runs as the giants lost 6-1. >> you always have adrenalin especially in games like this. you have over 300 starts in the big league, you try to treat it as another start and you don't try to get caught up in the hype of it. >> first pitch for game six is now set.
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it will be at 4:57 pacific time. >> for the second time in the row, warriors took on the lakers. curry sat this one out and ellis picked up the slack, 16 points on eight of nine shootings, down with a strong left hand finish. he had 41. it looked like golden state would come on top. golden state led by 8 with two minutes to play but the lakers rally with 30 seconds left. brown from the corner. they would go to overtime, tied at 98. then in ot, l.a. wins 105-102. >> another big day for college football. oklahoma at missouri at 5:00. then stay tuned for after the game with larry beil and mike shumann. i'll have a report on the
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cal-arizona state contest. coming up next at 8:30, protests against former bart police officer johannes mehserle that will shut down the port of oakland today. oakland today. >> insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll.
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i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you. i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. it's all about leadership. this is all about leadership. jobs, jobs, jobs. jobs, jobs, jobs. we do not have a revenue problem. we do not have a revenue problem. we have a spending problem. we have a spending problem. rebuiling california. build a new california rebuild california. let's build a new california. we need to run the state as a business. running this thing a little bit more like a business. whats the worst that could happen? whats the worst thing that could happen?
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the latest effort to influence public opinion in the oscar grant case involves workers that want to shut down the port of oakland. today they are calling attention to the sentencing of officer johannes mehserle for oscar grant's death. carolyn tyler explains what is going on. >> reporter: the port of oakland came to a standstill two years ago as they protested the war in iraq. now longs shore men say they
8:30 am
will protest on saturday to honor oscar grant. >> we're sending a message to the powers that be that justice has to be served here. >> port spokesperson says it's a change in the date of a monthly union meeting. >> all the work schedules are adjusted accordingly. >> reporter: but organizers say 1300 long shore workers will not show up for work. >> the port of san francisco, port of richmond, oakland, benicia, redwood city, if they have anything scheduled for that day, it's not going to move. >> reporter: its battle by both sides of the volatile case to influence public opinion. beyond the protest rallies they are doing it in the bay, carrying messages in the oscar
8:31 am
grant case. the unarmed man johannes mehserle shot him. >> you see the boats out there, it's not nice, it represents the ugly side of this case. the side of this case where people are angry. >> michael is mehserle's attorney, he says there has been a public involvement in the case but he doesn't understand the port shutdown. >> i don't know if that achieves that is something they want to achieve. >> john burris is the attorney for grant's family. he believes the action is part of the healing process? >> i also think it brings up a good side human aspect of society, that people can express their anger. >> reporter: burris says he has received 4,000 letters from supporters. mehserle supporters are
8:32 am
soliciting letters. both sides will give them to the judge before sentencing next month. a story we want to share with you from colma. something that was found in a cemetery sent chills from a man who found it. they are trying to figure out if it was done as a prank or a religious ritual. >> colma, called the city of the dead. 1.5 million bodies are buried here. those that live above ground, only 1500. so you might expect something ghoulish to happen in this town. it did, here at holy cross catholic cemetery. two weeks ago, a maintenance worker spotted two jars, similar to this one, buried halfway into the ground. when he looked inside, he couldn't believe what he saw. >> it appeared to be an organ, most likely a heart and the
8:33 am
heart was tasmd pictures of a couple. >> in the other bottle was a heart with a picture of another young couple. colma police commander john reed is ruling out murder. >> if they had previously been and you and embalming fluid we were grateful to find that out because that eliminated the possibility of a homicide. >> so necessity believe they came in cadavers but there are no reports of anyone disturbing grave sites in this county and no reports of thefts from medical schools. however, there was one clue at the scene. >> there was partially smoked cigars and some candles,. >> investigators think they may have been some kind of ritual of an religion which may human bones among other items. but religious studies professor
8:34 am
says police can eliminate the more commonly known santa ria ritual for one obvious reason. >> it's definitely something religious but i think of any of the religions that do have anything to do with human body parts. they usually have sacrifices with animals. >> police do tell us they have leads from the photographs of the two young couples described as latinos in their 20s. police also say its crime to illegally buy, sell or transport body parts. this mystery of the human heart continues. vic lee, "abc 7 news." a coroner's report revealed lsd was in the san mateo county's teenage system when he fell to his death in canada last june. the high school student died on june 6th in a hundred foot fall
8:35 am
from a suspension bridge. he climbed over the four-foot high fence and fell into the ravine below. later two other boys admitted to taking lsd and giving some to him during the bus trip. the coroner's report rules it accidental. climate change researchers meeting this weekend say they continue to see disturbing changes in the sea life there. wildlife experts report that tomales bay waters have steadily become more acidic. the acid is weakening the oysters that tomalegs bay is famous for. salmon that have spawned have dwindled to less than 500 but the sea lions and whales, they
8:36 am
seem to be benefiting. the conditions are favorable for the kind of fish they feed on. >> couple systems are headed our way. we had rain earlier. it's dry now but not for long. your afternoon looks rainy and your forecast is next. >> also ahead, a young man who inspired hundreds of potential bone marrow donors and his fight against cancer is
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>> good morning, it's 8:38 this morning on a rainy saturday. you are taking a live look, this is along the embarcadero ferry building. it's a little bit wet and it's going to get wetter this weekend. indeed, it's going to be quite a wet weekend. pretty big storm is coming in. lisa argen will be here in a
8:39 am
moment. but one of complications of the early rain is the effect it's having on the grape harvest because this has been a challenging weather year. wayne freedman has more from wine country. >> reporter: in the vineyards of sonoma county, this is season for picking and crushing, not a season for being squeezed. >> farming is never easy. >> lately we haven't slept well at all at night. >> and every day, in this morning, for a growerer and vineyard manager, crush time means crunch time and it's tougher than usual. the complication with this year's grapes is weather. a cooler summer led to a longer growing season but that meant a shorter harvest season and the rain has pretty much put an end to it.
8:40 am
>> we get cool weather or more rain falling, we'll get this. >> zinfandel will be the most vulnerable. a brief set of high temperatures burned 60% of those grapes in some fields but most of the rest of zinfan did he live is out by now. these cabernet grapes are almost perfect. >> this amount of rain is not going to hurt a thing for us. we're going to be finished in an hour on this field with only a few fields to go. >> as they say in the wine business, there is always something to make the harvest interesting and that is what makes wines interesting too. like it or not, those grapes are getting rained on today. >> wet pumpkins out there and right now, wet weather in the north bay from mount tam, but
8:41 am
there is bit of break across much of the bay area but not enough because airport delays, sfo an hour and 17 minutes. dry here, but you already had a wave of rain move on through. live doppler shows both corners looking at wet weather. from bodega bay and north to santa rosa and exiting the valley, other part of rain. this is out in advance of the next weather system that is not slated to move in for the next couple of hours. that is why we're looking at a little bit of a break. rain in the east bay, pushing out into the central valley right now. here is the way it looks while you were sleeping from pga to 7:00. we picked up probably another couple hundredths across the bay area. your forecast for today calls for the cool temperatures and the rain developing. 55 in oakland right now as well as fremont. so a little break the next couple of hours, rainy
8:42 am
conditions, heavier rain with a stronger system headed our way tomorrow. here is what i can plan on then. 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, not much going on. 11:00 or 12:00, the rain develops in the north bay. also throughout the afternoon, waves of rain push on through. here we are late tonight and then the next system on its heels. by 10:00 tomorrow, look to the north of us, cloverdale, santa rosa, heavier rain and pushes through the east bay, south bay, by 5:00 tomorrow, then it's behind us. we're talking several inches of rain. satellite and radar composite, very moist atmosphere. more moisture ahead of this first system that is just to the north and west of us. so a lot of cloud cover and then the rain comes down by about the lunch hour. light to moderate throughout the day. had this plume of moisture goes all the way to china.
8:43 am
so this will push through much of the north bay and spread south tomorrow. here are the rainfall totals, still staying pretty impressive, inch and a half to three inches. three-quarters of an inch to an inch and a half. in the east bay, one to two inches. redwood city, santa cruz mountains and san jose looking at about half an inch. heavy rain in the mountains. gusty winds, snow level way up there. winds are not too bad but a cool wet afternoon with 63 in fremont. 65 in san jose. and monterey bay getting wet right on through tomorrow. seven-day forecast, two systems, one this afternoon and one tomorrow. we'll have one to three to four inches of rain across the bay. then we'll dry out. tuesday and wednesday feeling a little bit more like late
8:44 am
october. next rainmaker, we could see snow with that one. >> another halloween weekend. >> we'll see what we can do. there is a big going on, registration drive in milpitas. the focus is getting more minorities on the registry. lyanne melendez reports on one man's fight with leukemia and how what he did is now helping others. >> it's been only a year since his son died of cancer. his efforts to find a bone marrow match was posted on every social networking site. the fact that nick was part caucasian and part japanese made it nearly impossible to find someone with similar dna markers. >> after word got out and people started registering we found two perfect matches. >> but his leukemia came back.
8:45 am
like nick there are many people in similar circumstances. >> when you mix caucasian and -- when you mix two races together, finding your match is more difficult. >> so caucasian the chance of finding the match of 85%, someone of mixed race, 30%. and you have to hope he or she is still on board. >> nick and family and friends managed to get 3,000 mixed rather people on the bone marrow registry. >> we to have get more people. >> a swab is all that is needed to register and if you are matched with a patients, 785% of the time, stem cells are collected through a nonsurgical procedure pretty much like donating blood. recently the governor signed legislation to allow employees to take a bone marrow or organ donation.
8:46 am
carol and their her friends say there is a lot more to do to raise awareness. >> we're continuing the fight. >> in fremont, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> the bone marrow drive in honor of nick is at the great mall in milpitas. we have details at >> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> a newlywed company paid their mortgage andndndndndndndndndndnd
8:47 am
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8:49 am
tomorrow. >> this morning, we have a different sort of foreclosure story to share with you. it's about a newly married bay area couple nearly lost their first home even though they made their payments on time. here is michael finney with what could have been a disaster. >> mark and brook were married last year, bought their first home this year and made their first mortgage payment this past summer. >> i was especially careful about making sure i had the account number right and p.o. box number right. >> things were going smoothly until a few weeks later. mark received a shocking call from the collections department of his mortgage lender wells fargo bank. >> we hadn't made our first payment and they were concerned. >> how could that be? mark did pay, using his online bill pay account. right away he printed out proof of payment and marched down to
8:50 am
wells fargo, but the bank insisted they never received that payment. so mark went to chase, chase said, indeed, the payment was sent to wells fargo. >> what do you mean? chase doesn't have the money. they can't withdraw the funds because they say you got it and wells fargo said, nope. >> neither bank could say where it went. even worse, wells fargo says they were in default on the loan and the bank could foreclose on their new home. >> i was receiving text messages from collections, phone calls from collections. at first, they were talking about late fees but ultimately they were taking back the house. >> all the first payment on their very first home. his father-in-law had cosigned on the loan and he was getting collection calls, too. >> here i am thinking, okay i
8:51 am
just married his daughter. i'm the one that is supposed to be taking care of this mortgage payment. obviously it looks like i can't do it. >> mark couldn't get answers. another house payment was due. that is when he called 7 on your side and we contacted the two banks. within hours, chase tracked down mark's missing payment. turned out it was sent to the wrong company an insurance firm called agea. >> from that point on, all the notices and everything stopped. >> immediately wells fargo stopped all proceedings against the barnums. chase bank put $2400 in mark's account. the loan payment was sent to the wrong company because mark had entered incorrect information on his bill paying account but chase would not say exactly what he typed in rer. he says hechecked his payment
8:52 am
many times but for now he is relieved his house is safe. >> somebody was looking out for me. 7 on your side totally saved us. >> just thinking about it, it was just amazing. >> chase bank says it was not at fault for misdirecting the funds so it's not entirely clear how the mistake was made. they are not taking any chances and delivering house payments directly to the mortgage lender from now on. still ahead, short stories get written up at the white house. >> standing on crescent moon, floating in a sea of ash littered with diamonds. >> coming up, bay area students getting a special look at the white house.
8:53 am
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winning numbers from the
8:55 am
mega millions draw, 2, 7, 18, 32 53 and mega number is 18. nobody, though, picked all six numbers. tuesday's jackpot is estimated at $118 million. >> a writing program that has created opportunity for high school students is receiving national recognition. they received an award at the white house. as don sanchez explains, this program is changing lives. >> tonight's program award goes to san francisco writers corps. >> it doesn't get bigger than this. an honor at the white house. michelle obama saluting the writers corps as one of the winners. >> they have a story of academic success for 16 years. young students are given an
8:56 am
opportunity to open up creatively and to use their imagination. >> we come in there and we provide that safe space for their creativity and critical thinking skills in order to write. >> teachers meet students weekly. it's become life changing. >> like i can say what i want to say. the paper to me is my best. >> wings to carry me shall with my eyes closed. >> all of a sudden they have a voice to express. they are very creative and talented and builds confidence. >> to be able to get up this public and read their works. >> everybody sort of pitches in and we continue, hopefully something like this, recognition will help.
8:57 am
>> this national recognition for the writers corps program means a new awareness and should lead to an increase in grants and contributions. >> after all how many programs in the country that comes with a $10,000 check. don sanchez, "abc 7 news." >> the dream of taking tourist flights into space is one giant step closer this weekend with the opening of the world's first space port. sir richard branson made a dramatic opening by flying in, a special jet designed to be a high flying launch platform for rockets taking people into space. nasa officials were on board for the space port's grand opening. branson is predicting that space tourist flights could begin nine to 18 months from now. it will be quite exciting. we're on the ground, though.
8:58 am
a lot of rain? >> right now, mendocino county had a wave move through. cold front and spread rain throughout the afternoon today. in fact, it's going to stay with us throughout the evening hours and by tomorrow, a stronger storm system heads our way. wind associated with it. look at the yellows to 1:00 to 4:00. overall, a wet weekend. we're talking about rain upwards of three to five inches in the north bay mountains. >> quite a lot to contend with.
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